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domingo, 5 de agosto de 2007

A loucura é eterna. De todos os lados

Article by WorldNews.com Guest Writer René Delavy.

Epidemic expert James Chin, former in WHO, charges international Organisations, of having expressed wrong opinions on HIV-infections and heavily exaggerated figures on AIDS - all due to "Political correctness".

Mister Chin is right: People don't know anything about the origin of AIDS and even less about Political correctness, invented by U.S. Society - more precisely by CIA. Therefore, we must learn about some very important expressions with regard to AIDS.

A. Let's start with a translation of expressions regarding U.S. "Political correctness":

Heterosexual behaviourism: Trying to do sex between different sexes, if possible the whole life long in married position, always using same parts - such totally preventing any danger with Aids.

Male gayness: Trying to do the same without females, such increasing danger in getting Aids by anal-traffic.

Lesbian gayness: Trying to do the same without males, very complex procedure, but bound to rather low danger in getting Aids.

Promiscuity: Making sex with as many females and males as possible, in the shortest period of time, trying not to get HIV-positive during doing so.

Mbeki-ism: Pretending that Aids has nothing to do with sex at all, but being a question of nourishment, walking in the rain and looking in the sun.

Anti-Abortionism: A new habit, coming from the USA, a tactic to make explode population in Africa and China and India, to get rid of the major concurrence in economics and in making environment collapse soon.

Ronaldism: Ignoring the gays and their explosion of Aids for many years, in order not to be forced to talk about sex and other miserable and dirty matters in Congress and High Court.

Falwellism-Buchananism: Telling hybrid-brains to stay in God and be clean, not making sex at all, preventing gays and whores -and being simultaneously the wildest swine themselves, with pseudo-religious touch.

Unaids: Wrong and political incorrect translation is: Aids for United Nations. According to the Neuer Duden of Germany it means: Contrary of any Aids-organisation.

AIDS: Ancient Ideology against Dull Systems

SIDA: Syndrome Imaginaire pour Decourager les Amoureux.

CIA : Choose: a. Cynics and Ignoramus about Anti-Communism // b. Centre for Infective Apes

FBI: Choose: a. Friends of Beasts in Ignorance // b. Fields Beyond Intelligence.

B. WHO-Expert James Chin is right too with regard to some other statistical Errors:

- Pretending that we have on Earth only 30 million people with HIV-infection, of which mainly gays, whores and African, instead of 40 million hetero-sexuals, is a crime, that can only be exceeded by criminal acts committed by CIA and other "intelligence" services.

- Saying that in India, they had so far only 2,5 million HIV-infections instead of 5,7 million, what is another crime, considering that 20 years ago we counted 5 HIV-infections in India only. So the increase is 50'000'000 percent - and not 114'000'000 percent. Count: It is only a question of time when the higher percentage-figure is reached - so about the year 2015.

- Publishing that in sub-Sahara Africa we have highest peak in HIV now, instead of 1996, simply means that all risk groups were HIV-positive already 1996 and other countries in Africa and Asia are still waiting on such peaks to come.

C. True History of the Origin of AIDS

All these "Political incorrectnesses" bring us to the point of telling you the real and true Story about the "Origin of AIDS":

It is known that a laboratory of CIA developed a HIV-virus in order to wipe out Persian population. Due to the usual knowledge in geography, the officers of CIA landed in Central Africa and injected the virus in Bono-apes, gorillas and chimpanzees, well knowing that some gays there would have sex with them. These Africans gave the virus on to some gay pilots of Crash-Airlines, like Swissair, SAS, British and American Airways. Those chaps went in darkrooms in New York and Los Angeles. Some gay actors of Hollywood were adding themselves in the dark - and so developed a system to bring HIV to other gays all around USA, the disaster ignored long time by Ronald Reagan, Jerry Falwell and Pat Buchanan, sex not being their practice in higher religion and esoterics. So it had time to spread out to Mexican and Dominican whores who brought the matter in the hetero-sexual scene, over husbands to absolutely clean and Hollywoodesk normal housewives by the end.

The anti-abortion program was a political correct trial to make forget how many babies were born with HIV already, following these logics. When 1989, Russia, China, India and some other rather social thinking countries opened their borders and whores the Western tourism, the plague went over in these Asian lands and brought there a terrible mass-increase in Aids.

In South Africa, Thabo Mbeki and some other crazy Bush-brains with very high university-degrees said, that making sex without preservatives would help if the girls would be virgins. Finally, the spread of Aids beyond any measure became so critical that the UNO discussed the question if South Africa should be exchanged against Switzerland - at those times not yet part of our most hypocrite Universal Neglecting Organization with lazy-bones in Geneva and New York.

D. Overall knowledge about Intelligence and its Services

Today we have the situation, where Unaids (= contrary of Aids) tells people that sex in general would be greatest threat to wipe out Homo non-sapiens on our globe, much more dangerous than collapses in ecology, economics, culture and ending resources in oil, metal, climate, air and water.

At the same time, some newspapers in Germany and Switzerland are happy to write these days that sex in hetero scenes (means without correctness: sex between penis and vagina) would be without any danger, whereas highest urge would come from huge gayness of pilots in Crash-Airlines, gay drivers of U.S. monster-cars and beautiful lesbian whores from New Europe, forced into prostitution, based on violation by some criminal cash-sick Serbs, Romanians, Russians and other New European males, not punished for doing so by Old Europe Carla del Ponte courts, attacking Milosevic instead of Pol Pot, Pinochet, Putin and GW Bush.

Now, during this fairy-tale, we have seen all sorts of U.S. correctness of CIA-FBI and their vassals in Europe, Africa, Asia and New Zealand. Did I forget Togo? Sorry. We should never forget sub-Sahara when talking about Aids - or about Malaria, or Dengue, or Shit-in-Brains with U.S. Capitalism, during all the time when autonomy of countries in Asia and agriculture in Africa is destroyed by World Bandits and IMFuck.

What have we learnt by now? We learnt that the major danger in our World does not come from Aids, but from U.S. political correctness alone. And now dear Readers, being in UN-Organisations or any other useless NGOs, just go to dinner now - and write correctly about funny and useless matters, relating to the problem of protecting Homo non-sapiens from self-made greed and gayness.

René Delavy, Berlin and Bournemouth

Author of "CHAOS" / "Making explode Atom Bomb on New York" / "Hegemonic Stupidity" and some other nice stories about world-wide intellect

www.rene-delavy.com // www.pladesniekant.com


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